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The Glowan consulting Group was formed in 1993 on the premise that individuals and organizations needed more that just pre-designed, prescripted "training" to meet their human development goals.

Organizations and our societies are changing at a rate never seen before in our experience and we need tools, techniques and support systems to meet those new challenges.

For over 1½ decades, Glowan has been meeting those needs via our broad and deep offerings of Leadership and Management Development Services and Products.

In recent years, we introduced our now widely accepted L3 Leadership learning Program to again help our clients meet and exceed the demands of this 24 X 7 X 365 global business environment in which we operate.

We have always practiced human development by considering the entire human being.  We all know that people have careers, and personal lives and treating them separately or, in the worst cases, ignoring that the other exists has not been effective in increasing employee engagement, retention and bottom line success.

In the L3 model we acknowledge the entire person.  L1 is Leading Self or Achieving Personal Mastery, L2 is Leading With Others or Cultivating Collaborative Advantage and L3 is Leading Others, Creating The Best Place To Work.

Through our Partners, Affiliate partners and client partners, Glowan continues to meet the needs of our ever-changing world.

The L3 Leadership State of Being Manifesto

Read about our L3 Leadership Development Approach in this newly published Manifesto from ChangeThis.com

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The L3 Leadership Learning Program

Assessments, Live Workshop, Coaching, Action Learning, Weekly Tips and Tools for leadership learning that sticks!

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