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The L3 Foundational Elements: Authenticity, Integrity and Balance

Authenticity, Integrity and Balance

The L3 Leadership Learning Process is founded on three pillars; Authenticity, Integrity and Balance

"To thine own self be true" may be a well-worn platitude, but Shakespeare's wisdom is becoming a renewed priority among leaders and managers in today’s organizations

"Being inauthentic can often be easily recognized by others and become a disruptive, negative force in an organization.

The importance of authenticity - the healthy alignment between internal values and beliefs and external behavior is a critical foun- dational element of successful leadership today. Being authentic, living a life that is strongly connected to one's belief system, is energizing and promotes growth, learning and psychological well- being - all important elements of effective leadership and leadership development. 

Authenticity incorporates six characteristics:

  1. Clarity about one's values, priorities and preferences.
  2. Acceptance of the necessity for choices and trade-off in life and work
  3. A strong sense of self-determination and self -direction.
  4. A willingness to work toward aligning one's values and behaviors.
  5. A high degree of comfort and satisfaction with decisions made in life and work.
  6. A deep commitment to telling the truth.
How can you achieve greater levels of authenticity?

Becoming an authentic leader doesn't happen once and it doesn't happen overnight, You have to work to remain authentic, reviewing your priori- ties and choosing behaviors that match those priorities as circum- stances change. Specific steps to take to better align your inner and outerselves include:

Assess and evaluate. Once you are aware of your deeply held values, it is important to review the choices you have made in work and life.

How aligned are your behaviors with your values?
Are there significant differences between what you say you value and how you spend your time and energy?
What have you already given up and what are you willing to give up now to get what is most important to you?
Create a support network for governing your values.
In any area of personal development, securing the support of others can help achieve goals. If you are making a change in your day-to-day life, share your goals with trusted colleagues and friends and ask for their support. At the same time, it's important to believe in yourself. Sometimes acting authentically means going against what others tell you. Trust your instincts and take risks.
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