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L3 Leadership Learning

Program Focus

L3 Leadership Learning is based on the most recent and relevant leadership research. This learning and developmental process uses a variety of in depth self-awareness tools and activities to enhance leadership capabilities. Participants learn strategies and skills for leadership development on three distinct levels,

Our blended learning approach assists each participant in understanding the behavioral links between self-mastery and transformational leadership. L3 moves the leadership learner through a process that helps them explore, define, and then provide leadership based on their personal values, strengths and vision.

Through extensive assessment, group dialogue, self-reflection, small-group activities and personal coaching, each participant is enabled to design their own personal leadership-learning plan. This plan is presented to the participant’s manager as part of the continuity of classroom learning and motivation to ongoing learning that will stick.

Who should attend

From Senior-Level Executives and Managers to Individual Contributors in key positions, anyone who wants to strengthen their leadership effectiveness.

Program Length

120 days, including assessment phase, workshop and learning plan, ongoing coaching.


As a result of this process participants:

  • Receive an in-depth 360-degree appraisal of their leadership styles and behaviors from a wide range of observers such as superiors, direct reports, peers and others.
  • Gain an honest and candid appraisal of personal and professional strengths and development needs in the L3 Leadership categories of Leading Self, Leading with Others, and Leading Others.
  • Understand the impact of their preferred leadership style and interpersonal behaviors on their work group’s and organization’s effectiveness.
  • Understand and evaluate the implications of their preferred leadership style for approaching and dealing with change.
  • Create a Personal Vision for Leading Self, Peripheral Vision for Leading With Others, and a Future Vision for Leading Others.
  • Establishes direction where vision and values are congruent.
  • Model new behaviors demonstrated by the facilitators and coaches fostering understanding and enabling leaders to ‘walk the talk’ with congruency and confidence.
  • Develop leadership capability and capacity based on best practice competency model.
  • Develop a Personal L3 Leadership Learning Plan.
Special features

Within 30 days following the initial learning session, each participant receives a confidential one-to-one session with a certified Glowan Executive Coach to review the results of the 360-feedback and their workshop experience, and begin executing goals within their L3 Leadership Learning Plan. The coach will also meet with the participant and their manager to gain commitment and support for ongoing development. Next, a 12-week program of coaching and development begins. The participant, their manager, and the coach work closely on the selection of developmental goals tied to improving personal leadership capacity within the L3 dimensions of leadership.

The L3 Leadership State of Being Manifesto

Read about our L3 Leadership Development Approach in this newly published Manifesto from ChangeThis.com

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Including Coaching as part of a learning plan enables people to move from knowing about something to actually applying it on the job

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