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The Glowan Mentorship Process - Design for an In-house Program

Increasingly, mentoring is recognized and used as a critical tool for organizational development and improved business results

Whether the focus is reducing unwanted turnover, "on-boarding" new employees or those transitioning to new roles, providing access and skill enhancement to targeted groups, or accelerating the development of the best and brightest, the Glowan Mentorship Program will aid you in establishing a formal program with repeatable processes and measurements. While mentoring may occur spontaneously with excellent results, its benefits are too important to be left to chance

A well-defined process, support structure, and tools are required to ensure reliability, sustainability, and broad-based impact. In this action learning program, you will work with the latest and best practices for building, developing, and sustaining a mentoring system that delivers maximum results for both individuals and organizations.

Who Should Attend

Human Resource Professionals, Training Professionals, internal leadership and career development practitioners and line managers. Team leaders from anywhere in your organization who are interested in helping design and deliver internal mentoring systems will also benefit by attending.

What you will learn

  • How to leverage critical enablers - and avoid critical derailers – of effective mentoring programs
  • How to employ alternative models to traditional mentoring, including peer, group, and protégé-driven
  • approaches
  • How to adopt innovative mentoring features of best practice organizations
  • How to tie your program goals to your organization's strategic objectives
  • How to utilize a scorecard of measures for evaluating your program's effectiveness and growth
  • How to engage in the effective selection and matching of mentors and mentees

How you will benefit

  • Learn the features and benefits of innovative mentoring programs
  • Identify organizational policies, practices, and cultural factors that support a successful mentoring system
  • Develop a detailed blueprint and presentation of your envisioned mentoring system
  • Obtain a wealth of tools and sample documents to organize, launch, support, and sustain a mentoring initiative

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