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Influencing With Impact

  • Building Partnerships and Gaining Commitment
  • Creating a Successful Team
  • Establishing Strategic Working Relationships

In today’s flatter, ever-evolving organizations, leaders need to get things done through people who work outside their line of reporting—and in some cases who even “outrank” them.

Welcome to the new age of influence, where effective leaders don’t or can’t throw their weight around to make things happen . . . even with their direct reports. Influential Leadership helps leaders get their good ideas heard, accepted, and enacted. Leaders learn influencing strategies and how to package ideas to gain the commitment of even the most skeptical co-workers and partners.

Do you face any of these issues?

  • Are your leaders having trouble getting commitment to ideas or actions to improve service, productivity, or quality?
  • Do your leaders struggle to “make things happen” outside of their team or work group?
  • Are your employees dissatisfied because they feel they are not listened to and are coerced into accepting and acting on ideas?

If you answer YES to any of these questions then Influencing With Impact is just the boost you and your organization may need.

Objectives: Influencing With Impact & Authenticity

  • Capture people’s attention, change their perspectives, and make things happen.
  • Clearly link ideas, suggestions, and recommendations to changes that will have a positive impact on individual, team, and organizational performance.
  • Express themselves with enthusiasm and conviction.
  • Understand people’s motivations, needs, and concerns, in order to gain their commitment.

Overview of Program Process


Participants complete a pre-work personal profile that introduces the concept of influence, and has them identify an upcoming influence opportunity they have with a person or group at work.

Group Process

Learners are introduced to the topic of influence and work in teams to choose one real-life influence situation they will focus on during the workshop.

Strategy—Focus on the Big Picture

Learners observe a demonstration of a leader using big-picture strategies in a scenario. They evaluate the strategies and work to identify the big-picture influence strategies they will apply for the situation they personally have identified.

Influencing With Impact and Authenticity—Engage Hearts and Minds

Learners are introduced to several techniques to paint the picture of their desired outcome and discuss when to use them. Teams work together to identify their audience type and which techniques and strategies they’ll apply in their real-life influence situation.

Commitment—Steer Choices and Actions

Teams are introduced to the commitment techniques and determine how to handle each situation. Teams work together to develop a process for gaining commitment in their own situations.


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