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Becoming A LeaderCoach™

Maximizing your talent as a LeaderCoach™

Why Become A LeaderCoach? Your company’s success relies upon the talents of its people. Studies show that high work satisfaction and fulfillment are strongly correlated to how the manager or leader relates to key employees. Coaching is a bridge to improved relationships, retention, employee engagement and productivity.

Employees often leave an organization because of issues they have with their leader including a lack of coaching skills. This simple, yet profound competency is required of today’s leader in order to retain and develop talent. The LeaderCoach workshop increases the coaching capacity of the leader and provides the tools necessary to engage employees in a dialogue regarding the four questions: What is my passion? What is my potential? What is my purpose? What is my path?

Who is it for?

LeaderCoach™ is designed for leaders and managers facing the challenges of engaging talented people to perform at higher levels.

What is it?

LeaderCoach is a one-day program supported by ongoing coaching, that helps leaders and managers bring out the natural strengths of their key talent. While attracting talent is key, the best long-term strategy is to engage the talent you already have, coaching and developing your team! This process includes exercises and tools to help leaders understand what contributes to employee performance and how to coach each employee through actualizing their natural talents and purpose.

What are the results? LeaderCoach enables leaders to:
  • Understand the challenges facing their organization with regard to increasing the performance of their people
  • Identify the key people in which they want to invest time and energy
  • Define their role as leader in retaining high performers
  • Cultivate a collaborative approach to the coaching relationship
  • Develop coaching skills to:
    • Identify the rewards that their high performers want and how to achieve them
    • Identify the natural talents that their key employees are motivated to express in order to meet increasing business demands
    • Strategize with their employees on how they can achieve “engaged work” — the combination of natural rewards, talent expression and purposeful work—that adds value to the organization
  • Learn to identify "coaching moments” to take advantage of real-time coaching opportunities
Program Components

The components include:

  • LeaderCoach Guidebook for working with direct reports
  • Initial 90 Day Coaching Plan with two telephonic coaching sessions per month with a Glowan Leadership Coach

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