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Smart Skills™: The Foundation Skills of Leadership & Management

Smart Skills, The Art of Project Leadership

How can Leaders and Managers move from just managing functions to leading business initiatives cross-functionally in organizations? An important step is by mastering 6 Key leadership skills called Smart Skills™.

These skills are necessary to build, lead and manage teams. Acquiring theses skills allows you to exercise influence without authority, stay emotionally intelligent in the face of ongoing challenges, utilize negotiation skills for win/wins, and monitor and control overall performance. All this is accomplished with high-level communication skills and the use of appreciative inquiry.

Smart Skills™: The Foundation Skills of Leadership & Management

Program Description

Smart Skills™ creates leaders who are more than just functional managers; they become talented individuals that have mastered the 6 Smart Skills necessary to build a high-performing team, leverage the collective intelligence of the group, manage it through the process of running a business, and exercise influence with out authority to ensure superior results.

This six-course Webinar series is designed to build the critical Leadership Skills that management professionals need to lead their teams to success.

Smart Skills™ offers leaders and managers what they need to know and do to make traditional or cross-functional teams perform at the highest level. It does this by educating them with the know-how and skills they need to be able to lead and mange the uncertainty inherent in today’s complex business environment.

Smart Skills™ are those skills relating to a manager's Emotional and Social Intelligence. These skills are a cluster of personality traits, social graces, communication, personal habits, interpersonal skill sets, and optimism that characterize relationships with other people, customers, stakeholders, and colleagues.  Smart Skills™ complement hard skills (part of a person's IQ), which are the occupational requirements of a job.

A person's Smart Skills™ Quotient (aggregate of this cluster of skills) is an important part of their individual contribution to the success of any team, project or organization. Particularly organizations dealing with customers face-to-face are generally more successful if they train their staff to use these skills. Assessment or training for Smart Skills™ habits or traits such as emotional intelligence and influencing can yield significant return on investment for an organization.

For this reason, employers, in addition to standard technical qualifications, increasingly seek out leaders and managers well skilled in Smart Skills™.

Current research has shown that a core set of Smart Skills™ may be more important over the long term than technical or occupational skills.

The management profession is one example where the ability to deal effectively with people, provide positive influence, and manage change can determine the true success of the individual and the areas they manage.

The Smart Skills Core Competencies

Emotional Intelligence
Influencing with Impact
Interest Based Negotiation
Stress and Change Mgmt
Appreciative Inquiry
High Level Communication Skills

By participating in the Smart Skills™ program they close the "know-do gap" and access the true success factors of high-performance management. Smart Skills™ are the leadership and interpersonal skills that enable them to get team members to work collaboratively and perform at the highest level. The Smart Skills program modules are designed to introduce and distinguish the concepts of leadership & management and develop the critical skills necessary for success.

The Webinars in this series are action learning oriented utilizing self-assessments, 360 Feedback, coaching and mentoring (individual and peer groups), educational tips, practical cases studies, and a toolkit for on-going development.

Smart Skills™ The Foundation of Leadership & Management will enable you to:

  • Utilize Smart Skills™ to manage the uncertainty inherent in every day business situations
  • Use Influence, Negotiation and Communication skills to maximize results and reduce barriers inherent in in organizations
  • Build a cohesive team
  • Leverage the collective intelligence of the team
  • Understand and prevent the issues that can fragment and undermine team performance
  • Monitor and control team performance
  • Motivate team members to perform and achieve objectives
  • Exercise political and personal influence when you don’t have the formal authority to mandate action
  • Mitigate and resolve conflict to ensure success

Smart Skills™ incorporates the essential leadership skills that lead to improved management performance recognizing that success require the use and balance of hard and soft skills. The most effective leaders understand and know how to manage the human dimension of people management and are able to exercise their own power, influence, and authority to ensure the success of organizations.


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