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Managing Stress and Change for High Performance

High Performance Solutions for Transforming Stress and Change

This program is designed for: Managers, Executives, and Individual Contributors interested in learning how to handle the rapid changes and stress associated with life and work.

As a result of participation you will be able to:
  • Increase personal presence needed for high performance
  • Define change — and explain its importance to the success your organization
  • Work with a model of change, and apply it to a change you are currently experiencing
  • Describe appropriate roles for organizational leaders, managers, and supervisors, and employees involved in a change
  • Identify strategies for managing change at a personal level —and determine which strategies may be most useful to you
  • Coach peers in selecting strategies for managing change
  • Establish personal and professional priorities and focus on them
  • Identify what situations cause you stress and use strategies and techniques to manage stress
  • Establish personal strategies for higher levels of productivity at work and quality of life at home
Program topics include:
  • Understanding and defining change in today’s organizations
  • Understand how stress and change effects the quality of your work and life satisfaction
  • The importance of change to organizational success
  • Lessons learned from failed and successful change efforts
  • Developing a model for organizational change
  • Change management strategies for employees
  • Identifying roles for managers and employees during change initiatives
  • Coaching peers to handle change
  • Assessing your stress level
  • Explore techniques for managing stress
Learning methods:

Self-assessments; individual, small and large-group practical exercises; facilitator presentations; role plays; and application planning.

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