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The Team Table™

Cooking Up Results & Higher Productivity

In today's competitive business world, communication and teamwork are essential. Successful high performance teams promote and facilitate change with ease, trust and respect.

The Glowan Consulting Group and Chef Dionne Drislane have developed a new teambuilding experience utilizing team cooking as the learning experience.

Team building and cooking are remarkably similar activities.

Both require the participants to utilize creativity and experimentation inside clearly defined boundaries, and also emphasize working towards a desired result. The kitchen is a familiar environment to most people, so familiar in fact, that participants will forget they are in a team building or learning environment. The same skills and strategies that they use on the job follow them into the kitchen.

How It Works

A Team Cooking event begins with an assessment of your team's current level of effectiveness (this is done on a prior date). A workshop is then custom designed based on your team's results. During the Team Cooking session, your team will use a survey summary report to analyze where they are, where they want to be and identify specific actions necessary to get there.

The Team Table™ program has two components

The first component is the team workshop itself where the facilitators employ a variety of techniques and facilitate specific activities. Activities are chosen based on your needs: whether your people need to get to know each other better, build greater cooperation, trust or cohesiveness or to be more creative. In some cases a behavioral profile (DISC) will be used to identify similarities and differences among team members and will be used to help them learn about different work and communication styles as a means to improved work performance.

The second phase takes place in the kitchen where your team will prepare a gourmet meal which will be enjoyed by all. Inherent in the process will be challenges to the group's creativity, communication skills, cooperation and time/resource management. While sampling the appetizers, we lead a debriefing of the kitchen experience. The kitchen experience, like the morning workshop, is tailored to your team's needs. Everything from the menu to the preparation techniques is designed to stress the skills needed by your team to achieve its full potential.

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