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The Total Life Leadership™ Program

The Total Life Leadership™ Program is an action planning workshop where individuals evaluate eight key areas of work and life that have direct impact on personal performance and quality of life.

The areas assessed include physical health, emotional intelligence, work/life integration, lifelong learning, social well-being, career navigation, and financial well-being.

This process helps leaders identify” total life” issues that impact their performance and the organization’s bottom line.

The program features our unique model called You, Inc. which helps a leader see themselves as the Chief Life Officer of their own personal organization. An organization comprised of eight departments which represent all areas of life and work. The model helps a leader identify their own organizational goals and strategic direction for every facet of their life.

First, Personal Assessment: The Total Life LeaderView Profile

This unique tool simplifies self-exploration and guides leaders to:

  • identify their personal values and create alignment with work and life spheres
  • measure their satisfaction with eight key areas of their lives
  • determine the sources and signs of their stress
  • evaluate the quality of their work process
  • appraise how they are managing their life at work and home

Second, The Total Life Leadership™ Planning Process

The planning process includes the following:

  • Identification of high value goals, leveraging for high performance and quality of life
  • Identification of resources and support for achieving goals
  • SMART Goal Setting Model for assuring success
  • Guidelines for overcoming obstacles and increasing support

Third, 90 days of personal coaching and action learning

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