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Press Releases > April 8, 2010

You, Inc.: White Paper from Glowan Consulting
Helps Leaders Integrate Work and Personal Lives

Executive brief teaches leaders how to evaluate eight key areas of life
and take charge of their “personal organizations”

SAN JOSE, Calif. / April 8, 2010 – Managers and executives struggle with the delicate art of balancing work and personal lives, but a new white paper from Glowan Consulting Group spells out how to successfully integrate the two worlds.

"You, Inc.: A foundation for effective leadership in the global workplace" is available to download by visiting http://www.glowan.com/news_resources/resources_youinc.php

The paper examines the principle of Total Life Leadership, an action planning program where individuals evaluate eight key areas of work and life that directly impact their personal performance and quality of life. These include physical health, emotional intelligence, work/life integration, lifelong learning, social well-being, career navigation and financial well-being.

At the heart of this program is a model called "You, Inc." – which helps leaders see themselves as the "Chief Life Officer" of their own personal organizations. This approach to self-exploration guides leaders to:

  • identify their personal values and align them with work and life.
  • measure their satisfaction with eight key areas of their lives.
  • determine the sources and signs of their stress.
  • evaluate the quality of their work process.
  • appraise how they are managing their life at work and home.

The concept comprises the "L1" foundational element of Glowan's L3 Leadership Learning model, "Personal mastery and work-life integration."

"As individuals' work and family pressures intensify, the traditional corporate response has been to ignore the realities of personal life and heap even greater stress on employees," said John Anderson, co-principal of Glowan Consulting. "Such separation undermines both business and employee goals, impairing work efficiency and family life."

"The simple fact is people who manage their lives well are more likely to build stronger organizations and be better team members," said Marc Michaelson, co-principal. "Once a leader achieves personal mastery and emotional intelligence, work-life integration is not the only benefit. It's easier to handle stress and manage change. It's easier to focus on your most important priorities and bring more energy, presence, and commitment to work each day."

For more information on Glowan's Total Life Leadership Program, visit www.glowan.com.


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