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Learning Products and Assessments

We partner with you to improve performance utilizing a blended learning model to transform people, leaders, teams and organizations. Our approach ensures that money invested in learning and development produces changed behaviors on the job and clear, measurable results for the organization.

At The Glowan Consulting Group, learning transcends a single training event.

We offer you a learning and development process. Our proven approach is comprehensive and systematic and you can rely on our team of experienced facilitators and coaches to guide you every step of the way. Individuals can utilize the Self-Assessments to create a benchmark for developing their learning plan or can include feedback from their manager using the ManagerView feedback product and Discussion Guide to create a more robust and depthful experience.

Our methodology of Assess -- Score -- Plan supported by Leadership Tips, Bright Ideas publications and Learning Tools enable individuals and organizations to improve their awareness and skills and cascade the learning throughout the organization in an extremely cost effective way. Our system of assessments, self-assessments, learning programs, tools and individual and team coaching provide the necessary content, structure and support for learning and behavioral changes to really stick.

We offer a suite of programs following our time-tested method of blended, cascaded learning. Below are a number of specific programs tailored to meet your organization's needs.

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