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Cultivating Collaborative Advantage

Personal Profile & Plan

  • Assess: Provides profile of current success and challenges
  • Plan: A well defined plan and road map to success
  • Act: Action to milestones and results

Cultivating Collaborative Advantage™ is developing your capacity to lead in a collaborative manner within and across departments, teams, and work cultures. It is Learning to lead within and outside your organization in a collaborative manner in order to gain competitive advantage.

Working cooperatively requires a wide spectrum of behaviors, which are frequently not present in traditional corporate environments. Leading this way requires people to approach interactions from a position of creating possibilities. Doing so gives tacit permission for others to follow. As these behaviors are patterned over time, collaboration becomes the way we live our lives in relation to others. Cultivating Collaborative Advantage™ requires a leadership skills set for maximizing eight relationships/partnership inside and outside of the organization.

The Cultivating Collaborative Advantage Profile

This profile assesses an individuals capacity to create and sustain the collaborative advantage inside and outside of their organization. It measures 15 foundational and 15 sustaining competencies required to gain this critical organizational advantage. It provides feedback and recommendations on how to sustain high performance and competitive advantage.

Special Features:

  • Self scoring and Personal Planning Guide
  • Comparative scoring analysis with your strategic partners
  • Collaborative Advantage Discussion Guide
  • Optional ManagerView™ - Direct Manager feedback form
  • Optional Discussion and Mentoring Guide
  • Optional Tele-coaching sessions


An important companion to all Self Assessments allowing for 360 degree feedback to individuals using the assessments

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Discussion Guide

An essential element for use with ManagerView and all Self-Assessments

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