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Global LeaderView™

Personal Profile & Plan

  • Assess: Provides profile of current success and challenges
  • Plan: A well defined plan and road map to success
  • Act: Action to milestones and results
A New View of Leadership In The 7/24/365 World of Work

As globalization has evolved from being the latest corporate buzzword to a basic economic reality, organizations increasingly are realizing that they need leaders and managers with skills that translate well to the international arena. Unfortunately however, many organizations do not know how to identify and develop people for such complex responsibilities.

The Global LeaderView™ Profile and Plan

Provides an initial assessment of 40 key global leadership competencies and skills that predict success for global leaders. Those who lead and manage across distance, countries, and cultures will typify success for the new global leader.

The Four Global LeaderView™ Competencies
  • L1- Personal Mastery and Work-life Integration
  • L2- Culltivating Collaborative Advantage
  • L3- Creating A Global Best Place To Work Culture
  • L4- Leading Global Networks
The Global LeaderView™ Personal Profile and Plan

Presents four explicit skill and areas that global leaders and managers must have to succeed in this new reality.

Special Features/Options
  • Self scoring and Personal Planning Guide
  • Optional ManagerView™ - Direct manager feedback form
  • Optional Discussion Guide
  • Suggestions for a series of coaching sessions
  • Customization with company logo and resources (additional fees)


An important companion to all Self Assessments allowing for 360 degree feedback to individuals using the assessments

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Discussion Guide

An essential element for use with ManagerView and all Self-Assessments

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