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How It Works/Purchase Options

Our personal leadership profile and planning products offer three distinct levels of assessment, learning and ongoing support.

Self Assessments

Purchase any one of our five profiles. Self scoring provides you with a snapshot of your current levels, offers a personal planning section to close personal performance gaps, protect strengths, and advance your skills.  These tools include include personal leadership tips (90 days) aligned to the attributes assessed within the profiles. You also have the option to purchase a personal tele-coaching session (1hr) with a Glowan Leadership Coach. Here you will have an opportunity to further explore and challenge yourself in the pursuit of personal leadership excellence.

Option One

Purchase any of our five different profiles and utilize the results to provide you with information on your current level of Leadership Skills and Capacity.  Additionally, the profile provides the foundation for the building of an on-going Leadership learning Plan for you.  You can also use the Profiles with a group or team to not only gain the benefits described above but to share important information about each other and develop a profile of the team leadership capacity.  A one hour tele-coaching session can be added to interpret the profile.


  • Profile only - $29.95 per profile. (The Global LeaderView Profile is $39.95)
    Each profile purchase also includes 12 weeks of Leadership E-tips
  • Add a 1 hour interpretation and coaching session: $129.95
  • Global LeaderView is $149.95

Option Two

When combining our Self Assessments with Direct Manager Feedback utilizing the ManagerView Profile, you not only gaining an understanding of your leadership skill levels and capacity but are also receiving direct feedback from your manager on the same 30 areas of leadership on which you have self-rated.  This mini-360 provides the basis for a robust dialog on your leadership develop particularly when utilizing the Discussion Guide” included with ManagerView.


  • Each Profile combined with ManagerView and Discussion Guide: $199.95 (includes Coaching and 12 weeks of Leadership Tips)

Option Three

For a longer term and more intensive look at your skill level, we offer any of the five profiles with the ManagerView, Discussion Guide and 90 day of telephone coaching from a Glowan Coach.  This option provides the user with a robust package of assessment, mini-360 feedback from your manager and expert guidance toward building their leadership skills and capacity.  This package helps "set the tone" for a learning environment that can be carried-on by the participant manager for years to come.


  • Each Profile combined with ManagerView and Discussion Guide, 3 Months of Coaching and Leadership Tips: $499.95
  • The Global LeaderView Package is $549.95

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