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ManagerView™ 360 Feedback and Feedforward Instrument

Direct Manager Feedback and Coaching for Improved Performance

A companion product used with any of our five Personal Profiles. (L3 LeaderView, Total Life LeaderView, Cultivating Collaborative Advantage, Creating The Best Place To Work, and Global LeaderView).

ManagerView™ provides an initial assessment by the direct manager of the individual's skills that can be compared with their self evaluation after completing their personal profile.

ManagerView™ covers the same competencies and skills contained in the Personal Assessment. This profile enables the manager to evaluate others in the key competencies required for high-level initiative and accountability.

Organizational Benefits

Organizations embracing the concept will experience:

  • Increased momentum toward the development of a leadership culture in the business.
  • Increased leadership capacity through the cascading effect of leaders developing other leaders.
  • Increased accountability for results throughout the organization.
  • Increased productivity by developing a coaching culture and providing specific support and feedback to individuals desirous of improving their leadership skills and capacity.
Manager’s Benefits

Individuals embracing the concept will experience:

  • Increased leadership capacity in their team members by providing 360 feedback and coaching
  • Increased accountability and responsibility by team members for results
  • Willingness of individuals to take the lead with high level follow-thru
  • Collaborative advantage while leading with others

Support Systems for On-Going Learning

Included in all Glowan programs are relevant "Tips" "Tools" and other regular communications to ensure that the learning sticks

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An important companion to all Self Assessments allowing for 360 degree feedback to individuals using the assessments

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