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Leadership Development Program

Leadership Development Program for High Potentials

A complete, end-to-end design for developing high potential leaders and future leaders in organizations. The program encompasses both programmatic and process oriented structures for individuals and teams from top management through individual contributors.

A Multi-Phased Approach

The program includes various phases from the evaluation and nomination process through a structured development program including formal classroom learning, one on one coaching, small group learning and continuous 360-degree feedback. A unique feature of the program is the development of “key stakeholders” inside the organization who act as both internal coaches and provide continuous 360 feedback to those enrolled.

Metrics and Key Success Measurements Identified

In the initial implementation and throughout the process, specific success metrics are identified and tracked resulting in a set of tangible “Key Success Measurements” for each individual enrolled in the program. These success metrics comprise a Leadership Development Dashboard that participants use to track weekly progress and serve as an accountability instrument facilitating easy reporting to their external coach.

A Minimum One Year of Development

Each participant is anticipated to remain in the program for approximately 1 year. Frequently the participant actually leaves their current position and reports to a different manager during the yearlong development process. This access to different business situations and different management and leadership styles is a key component of the program.

Key Support Roles Identified

The program further articulates the various support roles required for successful implementation. Detailed role descriptions and duties are articulated for the participant, the nominating partner, the leadership assignment partner, the outside coach, and the Human Resource function. Details such as frequency of meetings, content of developmental meetings and best practices are included.

Nomination Process Design and Development

For a leadership development program to thrive in any organization, it must be clear how individuals are nominated and accepted in the program. The program content and duration must also be in sync with the organizations strategic goals.

A Flexible Structure For Meeting Your Organizations Requirements

The Glowan Leadership Development Program offers organizations a defined yet flexible structure for implementation and operation of the program. Complete documentation is provided in the form of a Leadership Program Guide. It can be initiated purely as an internal company sponsored development program, or the Glowan Group can manage it externally. In either case, it is highly recommended that Glowan’s professional coaches fill the external coach role.


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